The Consulate General

The consulate general has the responsibility as described on the other page. The embassy is present but there is also the need for the consulate general. In this time as it was given the chance to be on the web to give assistance. That is why the consulate or this website has the mission to give or disseminate any information that is of the latest time and that it would be helpful still. But it is not the one who will replace the office itself.

It could be that a memo was issued in the office but it was not yet updated on the website and it might change the result or outcome supposed to be. There may be news that would be incomplete and a follow-up or update is needed for it to be a real-time information. An update would not be given immediately and it was not uploaded. But still, it will make effort to let the information be available and of value even if it was not of the latest news or events.

If you have any concern, feel free to visit the office of the general consulate so that you can get the direct answer and also it is faster to receive and addressed. Many people who are citizens of France have their concerned with other things when they visit and so they also want to know some things. A consulate general is a good place as it could be located near you rather than the embassy.