The things you can do in Paris for only 2 days visit

It is already a must in these days to travel as one of the ways to be able to have a great experience. It is already influenced by the social media and also the internet. Before there are many places and worries and fears that could hinder the development of tourism as travelers are not as many as today. Now, there is already a good number of travelers and they could be a family, solo, or in a group or with a partner. Here is a video.

You can watch the video and you can have an idea of what can you do when you will visit Paris. Even if there are many famous places in Paris but others have not been there yet. That is why if you want to visit then you can also have an idea what you can visit through the video. You can have different likes or types of places to visit but surely you would not miss the famous museum located there which is the Louvre.

It is already one of the iconic places that you must visit aside from the Eiffel Tower that is very much known around the world. There are already many souvenirs that feature them and they come in various sizes. They can either be bought online or in many shops or places near the tower. Museums are many in Paris but there are also other places you can go aside from them. You may notice museums are many in the video.