Top Countries that are Difficult to Get a Visa

If a person have his own passport, that’s a good news. However, without visa, it is not easy to enter a foreign country. Some countries don’t require a visa. But then, most countries would require foreigners who want to travel or work in that country to apply for visa. For tourists, they need to apply for a tourist visa. And for those who will work overseas, they need to have a working visa. In this article, you will know the top most difficult countries to get visa.

As you know, North Korea is a communist country having a dictatorship government. And this nation is known to be the most dangerous country in the world. It is because it can start a world war anytime. And people around the world who wants to visit the country will face difficulties in getting a visa including journalists. Another country is Russia. You can get your own visa but make sure to stay in Russia for only a month applying for a tourist visa. You will love this dental shop guys. You pop over to these link 牙醫診所 guys to check their webpage from this place. Amazing tools for dental cleaning and implants are all out in here.

Angola is another nation which is difficult to get a visa because of the long processing time. D.R Congo too is almost impossible to visit because you cannot easily get a visa. Especially in the middle east countries, it is not easy to get a visa just like in Iran where the process is too long you almost can’t wait. Also, the countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sao Tome and Principe, United States of America, and Sudan are among the countries that are difficult to get a visa. Have a check on this wedding dress for mom. A light pink mother of the groom dresses is totally a nice and best dress. Look at the style of this gorgeous dress.