There could be a conflict of understanding what is the difference between the consul and the ambassador. They have different functions and the scope also is different. Let us know some of the duties of the consul to understand it and differentiate it with the ambassador. Though they are similar in some aspect the focus on what they do is different. They are the same that was sent to the specific place to oversee the interest of the country he belongs and to foster a good relationship. The consul is part of the office of the embassy.

The consul office is the one that represents the embassy in different localities like in places that is not in the center of the country they were sent. The consul office has the focus on dealing with the businesses and the individuals as allowed by the Consular Relations agreed in the Vienna Convention. It is not just the business focus but also to foster a good relationship. The consul should see the protection of the rights of people from his own country. That is why with this function, there could be a number of consuls in one country but only one ambassador.

A consul can also have the duty of assisting fellow citizens with their legal needs, criminal concerns and in terms of assistance during disasters. The office of the consulate could also have the function to aid in providing lost identification cards to citizens. Also, the aim to foster good relationship may include making public appearances and even to speak to give the support of his country to the place he was sent.