An embassy is commonly regarded as the building wherein the work of doing diplomatic work is being carried out. But if we will know it in the strict sense, it is the people who were sent as the delegation that has the title embassy. The place they use to do the work is called as the chancery. The embassy is the ones who represent the country they came from. One of the characteristics of the embassy is that there is only one ambassador to a country that represents his home country with the help of the staffs.

They are the one who relays the message that comes from the home country for the host country. The embassy is also one that sends a message about the relationship of the two countries and what is the events that are happening in the host country that concerns about social, political, military, and economic and other important events. The ambassador also does the state visit and also make the treaties necessary for both countries.

It also serves as the one who will let the host country know about the home country. They can have events to give information about their culture and other practices that are unique to their country. The embassy then can have a consulate scattered in different areas in the same home country but it is not present to all. But whatever you need and they do not have consul offices, you can directly go to the embassy.side).