Know Your Food

Most people are not aware of what they eat every day, let alone abortion. For those of you who want to keep their blood pressure in the normal range visit and you can begin to live the habit of looking at food intake and its contents. Foods that are high in sodium can increase blood pressure. The less sodium you consume, the more your blood pressure under control. In contrast with many foods containing potassium, magnesium, and fiber can help you control your blood pressure.

Foods high in sodium include canned food packaging, processed foods and ready meals. If necessary, create a diary to measure the portion of salt in the food you eat. If you eat packaged food, read the label. Choose foods with a sodium content of 5 percent or less daily, avoid containing sodium 20 percent or more. You can make incremental changes, such as limiting sodium intake of about 2,400 milligrams, or about one teaspoon. When the body has to adapt, then reduce again to 1,500 mg or about 2/3 teaspoon.