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The factors that have pushed the elephant hunt

The elephants are one of the most important key species that help the forest to survive. Without the existence of the elephant, our water and oxygen supply of the forest will be reduced significantly. Unfortunately, there are many people who are hunting the elephant due to the big profits that they can get by selling the elephant’s tusks. You can help us to protect the elephant by joining the elephant sanctuary Thailand.

The tusk is the main factor that has made people hunt the elephants. It can be used as a very luxurious decorative material, and some people believed that the tusks can be a potent medicinal ingredient as well. However, that statement hasn’t been scientifically proven yet. So, you can help the elephant conservationists by not buying any commodities that have been made from the elephant’s body parts. Remember that the elephants are important in order to sustain the planet’s water supply, and it will be saddening if you can only show your children the images of the elephants in the animal books, due to they’ve perished from the world.