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This setup can be done on a pipe rack (Rack pipe), the above buffer pipe supports, or the top of the stand pipe (sleeper). In this installation of pipes above ground, pipes can also be included equipment (equipment), namely, that includes the column pipe and vessel, pipe exchangers, pump and turbine, compressor pipes and utility pipes. The following will be described as follows, Column Pipes and Vessels. The pipe that will be installed on the column and the vessel should be placed radially around the columns in the pipeline, the way people access the platform section. For pipes 18 “and above can be directly welded to the vessel, except consideration of maintenance and will use the connection flange. More you can see in plumbing-electriciancourses.co.uk

The connection may not be placed in a skirt or flange valve. The use of atmospheric hooded vent should be provided at the location where the highest point of the vessel or pipeline thereon, while the drain installed at a location that will be determined by the lowest P & ID. Cooky pressure relief valve into the closed blowdown system must be lifted in order to allow the expenditure part jetting itself into blowdown system. Cooky pressure relief valves of steam into the air must be equipped with at least three meters of the pipe on each platform within a radius of 7.5 meters, is also provided that the magnitude of the drain hole 6 mm (1/4 “) below the pipe prevent fluid accumulation.