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Keeping Eyelash Growth

For those of you who feel that you yourself have severe eyelashes loss, you can visit our website and find out do eyelashes grow back. Eyelash is one thing you should keep growing. Here are some ways to keep your eyelash growth.

1. Anticipation normal growth
Actually, there is little you can do to make your eyelashes grow faster. The best thing you can do is just to keep the growth of eyelashes to fall out in order to grow back again, which means you have to focus on prevention and maintenance processes. Expect eyelash regrowth will require a long time, so you need to try to maintain its growth.

2. Avoid using makeup
Do not worry if you know that the cause of the collapse of your lashes is a result of matters related to health such as chemotherapy or hormonal problems. However, if the loss of your eyelashes caused by things that are not clear, you need to avoid the use of makeup on the area around your eyes for two reasons. First, the makeup you are using may have expired so that after a while will cause the growth of bacteria that can cause the loss of your eyelashes. Another reason is that some people are allergic to the ingredients in makeup that can damage your skin and cause hair loss. Clean your face after applying make-up. Clean the face of make-up already imposed a day can keep you from skin irritation and loss of eyelashes.

3. Wash your face regularly. Frequent loss of eyelashes caused by an overgrowth of bacteria around the eyelids and face. Wash your face every day with a mild soap that is designed to maintain and control the growth of bacteria on your face. You also do not want your skin is dry because micro-cracks which can lead to excessive infection.