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Don’t trust the public wifi easily

The free internet connection is the biggest reason of why people are often hanging out at a cafe. You can stream, download, or simply browse the internet while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee. However, not many people know that the free internet wifi can be a dangerous place. There may be some hackers or stalkers who can get into your system by hacking the wifi and they’re spying on your internet activity. Your address, bank account, and even your data can be acquired by them. Therefore we recommend you to install vpn for iphone

It’s an app which you can use to prevent those creepy people to stalk your internet activity. The way it works by disguising you as if you’re connecting from another country. This way, they can’t get your real IP, and they can’t track your activity at the same time. Furthermore, some of the websites on the internet that have been blocked can be visited again by using the VPN app.